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Why buy in “Qué Extensiones”?

  • Because we sell only 100% natural hair Remy highest quality so you can look real hair, and because this way your extensions will be silky, tangle and you can comb and wash your own. In "Qué Extensiones" absolutely not sell any synthetic product.
  • Because we have a service of excellent customer service, seven days of the week, 365 days a year. We want to maintain clear communication with you and so, if you have any questions, questions or suggestions that you may arise will be happy to assist you. Not only do we offer you an email but you can call us at +34629030808 for a person, not an answering machine, you personally attend.
  • Because we always work with the best quality in any extension, for example :

    - Keratin Extensions with Italian keratin that is better quality both for them and for removing them as it does not soften and does not break the hair removal.

    - Tape Extensions American blue adhesive Adhesive with white tape normally used and this causes the extension fall soon after taking them . It is reusable , it is placed instantly and lasts three times longer.

    - Clip Extensions with double and triple stitching to prevent loss of hair to comb or wash them and pulls double and triple layer with which you get a bushier and more volume extension.

    - Clip in Bang Thick and made ​​hairpieces natural hair Bangs 100% handmade. They fit the hair to be completely undetectable.

  • Because you benefit from significant savings on your extensions whether you are thought still wear them because they require maintenance and therefore much more money, as if they are clip, as we work directly with factory avoiding intermediaries for poderte provide better price quality.

  • Because we are the only ones that we offer so much hair volume. Notice! Typically, you find 100gr, 120gr or 160gr much right? Well, now we give up 280gr so you can look a real mane.

  • Because we give personalized service to meet the needs you may have. For example, if you are looking for extensions with different shades or fantasy we will perform them completely to your liking without any additional cost.