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How are our extensions and how we deliver?

What forms of payment do you accept?

We work with major companies such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Paypal, if you find it more comfortable.
also we allow payment by bank transfer and cash on delivery
Wire transfer:
- Once we have received payment, we will send the goods
Cash on Delivery
- Payment once the goods have arrived. The extra cost is 5% of the value of the purchase, with a minimum of 8 €
In "What Extensions" guarantee the security and privacy of your purchases to 100%. Your data will not be stored or transferred to third parties.

What kind of clips you use?

The clip we use has been designed so that you do not mind and useful. That is, for example when you want to remove your extensions you can not hitch your own hair in the clip and you cause a little tug or, to find yourself comfortable because they do not feel that your extensions will slip.

  It is a small clip, lightweight but sturdy to hold firmly. It also has a non-slip silicone band and does not carry protruding metal washers to avoid tangling with your own hair.

How long they will last me my extensions?

The time will depend on the care that des. It is 100% natural hair and 100% Remy but this does not mean that it is a hair that has no life and therefore will not be able to regenerate, therefore, all the care that you can give will make your extensions look more beautiful and will last longer!

What kind of hair you use in your extensions?

All our clip extensions are 100% Natural Hair,High Quality REMY AAAAAA (6A). If you are looking for a quality hair you can comb it normally like your own hair, this is the best option as this procedure, when 100% Remy, lets have a silky extensions, tangle-free and durable. We do not sell absolutely no synthetic product.

What is the difference between 125, 165, 230 and 280 gr?

Regarding quality for all is the same. We do not sell low-quality synthetic or extensions, we only sell natural hair, 100% Remy allow you to have a silky and tangle free extensions.

For this reason the only difference is in the amount of hair and long: 45cm 125gr, 230gr 165 and 50cm and 60cm 280gr.


What is Remy hair and what is the difference with other hair?

Remy hair means that the hair cut and sew roots has remained with the roots and tips with tips, leaving cuticles in the same direction. It is a more careful and better process because the hair will tangle free, natural and silky.

Buy Remy Hair is not to buy a brand of hair, if you do not buy a top quality hair and therefore the best choice for your extensions.

How many grams need for my hair?

Choose the option that most identify yourself:

  • Do you have fine hair or a small amount and all you want is to give length to your hair? 125gr is your choice.
  • Want to give a little length and volume to your hair? Your hair is thin or medium volume? 165gr is your choice.
  • Do you have a medium to high volume and your hair is short / medium? Need lengthen and give extra volume to your hair? 230g is your choice.
  • You have volume in your hair? Your hair is short / medium and want to give extra volume or lengthen your hair? 280 gr is your choice.




Can I stain or discolor my extensions?

We do not recommend bleaching though, if you can dye it without any problems. We advise you to preferably use dyes without ammonia or semi-permanent to avoid reducing the life of the extensions.

What products can I use in my extensions?

Try to use products that do not carry alcohol and on the other hand that are nutritious, for example, indicated for dry hair would be a good choice.


How I can wash and comb my extensions?

How often can I wash my extensions?

No need to wash them with the same frequency as your own hair. The time will depend on the use that give a signal that may indicate you need to wash them is when you see dull, rough and dull.

Can I use hair dryer, iron or curling iron?

If there is no problem! Just remember to use heat shields whenever you go to apply heat to your extensions and, if you can occasionally, let them dry naturally (eg overnight for another) not to abuse too.

Can I sleep with my extensions?

We do not advise it. From it you would get a bit annoying that you also terminasen tangling enough.