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How to take care of your extensions?

Knowing how to take care of your hair extensions is the most important factor to guarantee the hair's useful life. Washing and combing it correctly is essential. Follow the steps below to explain:

Before washing your hair gently unravel from medium to tips

Wash your hair with lukewarm water and rinse with cool water, always straight (with straight strokes as if stroking your hair, avoiding circular movements so that the roots do not become entangled and begin to fall.) Never with the head tilted down, always From top to bottom

Use shampoo, face mask, etc. for dry hair. Put the shampoo in the palm of your hands and apply by gently sliding all the hair to the tips (never rubbing), clarify and perform the same process with the mask / conditioner but this time from means to tips and letting the product act 5min. Gently drain excess water without twisting the hair and wrap it with a towel to finish removing the remaining water.

Always use anti-pull brushes or made especially for extensions. Brush root tips, preferably several times a day and always holding from the top to avoid jerks

As heat is one of the biggest enemies for extensions and for your own hair, remember that the more heat you apply the less you will last. That is why when using dryers, irons, etc. it uses thermal protectors previously. Remember!! Although it looks like your own hair is not and requires greater hydration since it is not fed and nourished from the root

In case of clip extensions:

Do not apply product to the strip of clips where the hair is attached.

Do not soak your extensions, it is only necessary to wash them under the tap in the way indicated above and from where the hair grows, not from where the hair is attached.

In case you want to dye them, do not apply dye in the area where the hair is attached.

Do not untangle when the hair is wet. Hang on a hanger and let it air dry. Once dry comb as indicated

In case of adhesive extensions:

Do not apply product in the strip where the hair is attached.

Do not untangle when the hair is wet. Remove a little moisture with a dryer and let the rest air dry. Once dry you can comb them in the way indicated above.